Programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR)


AL-IV (Algorithmic Language Four) is a

  • high-level
  • imperative
  • object oriented


programming language

  • with minimal introduction level,
  • easy porting applications to any platform



  • a very high level of safety and stability, with a controllable level of code protection,
  • high efficiency of an executable code.
  • Versions history.

    Current project state (June, 2017):

    • compilers from AL-IV to C#, C++, Delphi (32 bit old style) and Java are ready;
    • it is possible to create console applications with AL-IV;
    • a visual components library is ready to use (it is possible to create applications with graphical interface for Windows, for Java awt - on any desktop system).
    • OpenGL is supported.
  • Language specification. Can be used as a handbook on language.
  • Short language introduction. It allows to learn the language in the fast way, on examples of code.
  • Syntax diagrams of AL-IV language. Together with RBNF notations.
  • How to start programming on AL-IV. A short instruction and advances how to use instruments and code samples to start programming quickly and most efficient way.
  • Help on AL-IV classes.
  • Download - all the documentation in one archive.
Link to the SourceForge AL-IV repository. (Open in a new window/tab)


(C) 2016-2017, Vladimir Kladov